Delivering quality talent
with passion, purpose
and commitment

Castle Harbour is a specialist, boutique recruitment firm based in Warsaw in Poland, and Dublin in Ireland.


The world is changing every day. To stay innovative and competitive, employers need to attract and retain top quality team members to allow for continued growth and development.



Our job is to match the best people and skills with the best employers.


Our goal is to source and connect employers in Ireland and the UK, who need top quality talent in IT, tech and engineering, with exceptional candidates from Poland and other CEE countries.


We use our sourcing platform, knowledge, experience and connections to present the strengths of each employer, and the role to be filled, so as to attract a supply of interested, motivated, qualified and skilled applicants. We thoroughly screen and research these candidates to allow us present the best to our clients.


Our recruitment process, is based on
4 guiding principles:

1. full


2. complete evaluation

3. effective communication



4. successful outcomes

We believe that, in order to have the greatest chance of success, comprehensive employer, role, career, reward and recruitment information is provided at the outset. This will ensure we attract a large pool of exciting CVs.


Our suitably qualified assessors research each CV  to ensure that those candidates  put forward to our clients are a best fit from a personal and professional perspective.  This stage of the process  ensures that time spent by our clients, on getting to know the best candidates, is maximised.


This approach creates the greatest opportunity of a successful outcome.


The sectors that we operate in are highly competitive – there are many companies and organisations, in many different countries, looking to attract and retain experienced and skilled talent.


We believe that, through the Castle Harbour process, a considered, effective approach to recruitment is implemented from CV receipt, through evaluation to interview and selection. Clear communication is paramount.


Recruitment of high quality personnel is one of the few areas in life where silence is not golden – talented professionals are sought after and are being presented with many different options.



Our process of providing full and complete employer and role information at the outset, through our robust professional and personal appraisal, to effective interview, assessment and offer, allows employers achieve their objective – to get the best players on the team.



And we don’t stop when the contract of employment is executed. We continue to work with our successful candidates, in making the move to their new employer as smooth as possible.


We work with our placed candidates to help them and their families find their new home, – and all that goes with it - to build a new network of friends and contacts, and to grow new skills to help them to continue to grow as people and professionals.


We understand what is involved in changing employer, and in moving to a new country and city.

The team at Castle Harbour has many years’ experience in leading and growing successful teams, personal and professional development, employee benefits and welfare, working in entrepreneurial and large corporates, and operating in multi-cultural environments.


Our mission is to source and deliver top talent to quality employers in Ireland and UK with passion, purpose and commitment.




To find out more, feel free to contact me at

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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Delivering quality talent with passion, purpose and commitment